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Barbara Byers


Cultivating transformation in Christ from the inside out by….


Understanding each part of the soul’s design,

Healing the broken and disordered places,

Creating new habits of thought and belief,

Establishing solid personal identity in Christ,

Learning to know the Lord by practicing His presence.

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About Me

Speaker, Author and Teacher

Hi and welcome. I’m Dr. Barbara Byers and my passion is spiritual formation. As a speaker, author and former counselor I’ve seen firsthand the fractures of the soul that keep us from a truly abundant life. I’ve created videos for the practical process of healing those fractures and walking in transformation in 15 minute videos on youtube under drbarbarabyers.

This is Isaiah 61:1-4, the call to bring good news and the healing power of Christ to those afflicted, broken and held captive so that lives are rebuilt, repaired and raised up to true freedom and identity.

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My book Voices of the Soul is now available on Amazon and other retailers.

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Contact Me

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Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

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