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Bridging the Transition

We live from season to season. In nature winter becomes spring, then summer and autumn. The changing seasons speak to us of God’s unfailing faithfulness, and of the reality that “there is an appointed time for everything under the heavens” (Eccl. 3:1). But sometimes it’s the transition between seasons that is difficult to navigate – those where we long for the spring days but it’s still winter.

That in-between time, the passing of one season to another, is often a time of needed preparation. Some things from the last season may need to be closed to make ready for the new, some things may need to be pruned. Sometimes, there is simply a rest, a pause for renewal and replenishing that is essential. Slowing the pace gives time for reflection and strengthening.

We may feel uncomfortable, out of sync, discomfited and even restricted during a time of transition but we can choose to wait with joyful anticipation. The bridge between seasons can be filled with worship, trust, praise, gratefulness and steadfast confidence that although we may not yet know what the next season brings, He will lead us into it. It can be a place of resting in His faithfulness, and a catalyst of hope and faith for the new season.

1 Chronicles 12:32 describes the tribe of Issachar as men who understood the times and knew what should be done in that season. They were unusually aware, responsive and wise. So, too, can we be aware, alert to the shifting and adjusting to what is coming (Isa. 43:19). If we aren’t alert, we won’t be ready for what He desires to bring, we may stay with a foot in the previous season without the freedom of moving forward.

Besides praise, trust and gratefulness, two other qualities are particularly valuable during this time. One is receptivity, that intentional posture of opening our inmost being to be filled by His Spirit, receiving what He is communicating to us. The second is attentiveness, directing our gaze to Him, searching for Him in everything during the transition. And as we choose to receive, attentive to His movements, we are welcoming the fullness of the coming season.

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