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For several months I’d been praying for wisdom over a particular need. Sounds like a great thing to do, right? One day I was praying in this vein and the Lord interrupted me like a tap, tap, tap on my shoulder. He said three little words that disoriented, then completely reoriented me so that I could change the basis of my prayer and direction of my thoughts. He said succinctly, “You’re in fear.” I was continually asking Him for wisdom, but really my prayer was laced with uncertainty and fearful expectations. So, I did the only rational thing…I agreed with the Lord and changed my mind and my course.

Our position in prayer should be one of casting all our cares on him and entering his presence with bold confidence to ask for the things we need. But sometimes we are surprisingly unaware that we aren’t standing in bold confidence; we are double-minded with worry. It is then we need His interruption.

When His discipline comes, He is redefining reality for us. He is correcting our way of thinking because we often need our mind changed. We don’t have to shrink from his hand or his gaze or his word. He disciplines and interrupts as a watchful, loving father who wants the best for us.

Recently I began taking my first pottery class (along with a friend for much needed support). Oh boy! The master of the class often says to me – “not that way but this, keep adding more water, use a lighter touch, it’s still too thick.” Why? He cares about my success…and he’s shaping me as a potter and that’s going to take a lot of instruction, correction, and more than a few tap-tap-taps. I can receive these without defaulting into shame because I’m learning.

So, where is the Lord interrupting your thoughts and prayers? Are you paying attention, recognizing that perhaps it’s the Lord’s needed interruption? He is a good, good Father and carefully tends our hearts, guiding us away from the things that hinder us, and bringing much needed truth and light. Let’s welcome the taps!

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